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Why 3D printing?

June 27, 2019 2 min read

3d printing is a maturing technology that has been utilised across multiple industries ranging from medical and dental, to aerospace and automotive, and increasingly jewellery and fashion.

Around 50,000 industrial 3D printers are expected to be in use by 2020, and as the technology becomes faster, higher quality and cheaper, the final barrier to its full adoption is a talent skills gaps:

For 28% of companies, gaining relevant expertise in-house is a barrier to the sustainable application of 3D printing. In Asia, almost 48% of companies see the lack of expertise as a barrier.

The 3D printing industry has a range of roles suitable different types of thinkers - from those who like to be client facing during the design development phase, to those who like to be technical and figure out production strategy and others who prefer to get hands-on with detailed and delicate work on parts.

Within Mumbai, where we work, we have identified the local jewellery industry as an early adopter of the technology, where it is used in the design and development of moulds for casting fine and demi-fine jewellery.

We work with local leading jewellery manufacturers to develop and refine our program, to give our graduates the best chance to land jobs as fresher CAD drafters or in manufacturing.

We provide ongoing support and after care to our graduates after they are placed, to ensure they keep developing and learning. With experience they acquire the most in-demand skills and expertise sought after by employers.

Beyond this, we have seen that 3D printing as an excellent tool for teaching digital, problem solving and design thinking skills. We defy anybody to have a go printing something they have designed and modelled and not to be inspired with a sense of achievement!

Contact us if you would like to visit our space and have a go with the technology yourself...