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Audre Hinge Earrings

We think that we're all perfectly imperfect in our own way - it's the cracks, the dents, the bends in our personalities and bodies that make us who we are.

Inspired while our trainers taught technical drawing and geometry to our new recruits, in this design a perfect line is offset and made imperfect. 

These bar hoops have a hinge at the base that allows them to open and close around the wearer's ear. 

Made from gold vermeil sterling silver, they will age beautifully over time. For full care instructions and our approach to sourcing, please see our FAQs.

We go beyond ethical manufacturing, believing that fashion can be an active force for good - in this collection, a minimum of 50% of profits from each piece goes directly to cover the training or living costs of an at-risk woman beginning her new journey with Free-D.  

Our packaging is also sourced from verified sellers and made only from recyclable materials. Designed to keep pieces scratch free and safe from tarnishing, we recommend you store your pieces in our Free-D bags when not wearing them.